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With more than 30 years of experience Capps Plumbing has provided reliable and professional residential plumbing services throughout Arlington Heights and surrounding suburbs. Arlington Heights homeowners from the Jane Addams Tollway to Lake Cook Road know they can rely on Capps Plumbing technicians to find and identify water and sewer system problems, present proven repair options and complete every job using top quality parts and appliances. Capps Plumbing is fully insured and Arlington Heights residential customers throughout Wheeling Township trust our work for its quality.

Whether you need help for leaks and clogs, sewer backups or water heater malfunctions, Capps Plumbing is equipped to solve a wide variety of residential water and sewer system problems. Trained and certified technicians arrive at your home as schedule and get to work locating the source of your problem, and take steps to remedy your situation and restore full and normal service. Whether your home’s plumbing system needs minor repairs, new fixtures or full system replacement, Capps Plumbing sends knowledgeable and experienced professionals who use their training and top quality parts to ensure every job is done right. Complete customer satisfaction for Arlington Heights residents living in both Cook County and Lake County is a top priority for Capps Plumbing technicians.

Arlington Heights Residents Can Call for Professional Plumbing Services

Arlington Heights homeowners who suffer water or sewer system plumbing problems can count on Capps Plumbing for a quick response to their call for assistance. Our professional crews arrive and go about their work, while showing courtesy and respect for your home. Capps Plumbing technicians ensure their presence in your home does not result in a greater inconvenience than the problem you are already experiencing.

Capps Plumbing teams serving Arlington Heights are trained, equipped and experienced to address every residential plumbing problem. Our licensed and certified plumbing technicians arrive with tools, equipment and replacement parts prepared to handle all your household plumbing concerns. Arlington Heights plumbing crews are familiar with every piece of pipe and fixture connected to your home’s water and sewer systems, and can find and fix any leak, clear any clog or make every repair or parts replacement needed to restore service quickly and efficiently. Capps Plumbing residential water and sewer system services include, but are not limited to:

  • Sewer & Water System Repairs & Replacement
  • Sump Pump Systems
  • Drain Clearing and Clog Removal
  • Video Inspection & Leak Detection
  • Water Heaters
  • Hydro Jetting
  • Power Rodding
  • Fixture Repair & Installation
  • Ejector Pumps

Capps Plumbing provides superior work and service to fix any issue, whether a plumbing problem is located inside your home or caused by a problem with service lines under your lawn.

Arlington Heights Emergency Residential Plumbing Services

When heavy rains fall on Arlington Heights resulting in sump pump failures, sewer backups and flooded basements Capps Plumbing is ready to respond for quick relief. Our teams are on hand to field emergency calls quickly and arrive at your home prepared to work. Highly trained and fully certified technicians, whose only goal is to alleviate your plumbing problem, will implement necessary repairs to relieve your emergency and help prevent similar emergencies from happening in the future. Capps Plumbing restores water and sewer service to Arlington Heights homes with precision and expertise. Capps Plumbing has established over 30 years of trust with our Arlington Heights residential customers. They know Capps Plumbing provides reliable service every time.

Capps Plumbing emergency residential services for Arlington Heights homeowners include but are not limited to:

  • Frozen Pipe Thawing and Repairs
  • Sewer Backups Repairs and Clean Up
  • Basement Flooding Repairs and Clean Up
  • Water Main Repairs
  • Gas Leak Detection and Gas Line Repairs
  • Excavations

If you need to reach the Arlington Heights Public Works Department you can call 847-368-5800 Monday through Friday or at 847-368-5300 for after-hours emergencies.

Arlington Heights Overhead Sewer Conversion Rebate 

Attention Arlington Heights homeowners! If your home was built before 1975, it probably does not have an overhead sewer system. If the lower level or basement of your house has a sump pump, utility sink, or floor drains, the water flows are pumped up and into the sewer service of your home. Overhead sewers exit the home from the eye level or higher in the lower level or basement of your house. If your home does not have an overhead sewer, instead of exiting at the eye level or above, it exits from the knee level or lower, many times below the floor level. Homes without an overhead sewer are more prone to basement sewer backups because the elevation of the sewer makes the slope to the Village of Arlington Heights main sewer line flatter, and when that fills up, it makes your home susceptible to backups through the floor drains in your house. If this occurs, the restoration costs, not to mention the property damage, are very costly. 

Capps Plumbing teams serving Arlington Heights are trained, equipped and experienced to deal with every residential plumbing problem. Our licensed and certified plumbing technicians can help out with Arlington Heights overhead sewer conversions. Not only will we install the overhead sewer to protect your home from potential backups, we’ll also work with the Village of Arlington Heights to secure all of the proper permits, and we’ll also help you take advantage of the overhead sewer conversion rebate program offered by the Village, which reimburses homeowners 75% on work up to $11,250. For more information on this program, please visit the overhead sewer rebate program page on the Village of Arlington Heights website. 

If you’re a homeowner and you want more information on the Arlington Heights overhead sewer conversion rebate, contact Capps Plumbing today. We’ll answer any questions and provide a free quote!

No Obligation Price Quotes for All Arlington Heights Plumbing Services

Capps Plumbing offers every Arlington Heights homeowner no-obligation pricing. Arlington Heights residents are confident that our plumbing technicians will fix leaks, clear clogs and make all other repairs and parts or appliance replacements using an affordable and proven solution. Even when responding to Arlington Heights residents’ emergency calls our crews present customers with pricing quotes before starting any work to ensure there are no additional surprises. Our Arlington Heights customers know Capps Plumbing provides high quality work every time. Our professional plumbing technicians handle any household plumbing concern, both inside and outside your home, resolving problems quickly and reducing inconveniences to your household and family members.

Contact Capps Plumbing and Learn about Our Services for Arlington Heights

We invite any Arlington Heights homeowner to contact Capps Plumbing today for a FREE QUOTE. We’ll send an experienced plumbing technician to your home who will inspect and review your plumbing problems, answer any questions and provide no-obligation pricing. We’ll get to work as soon as possible and restore full service to your home. Every member of our Capps Plumbing team is fully trained and licensed to handle all residential water and sewer system repairs, water heater repairs and installations, gas line repairs and a wide variety of emergency plumbing problems. Arlington Heights residents can rely on Capps Plumbing to complete every job as quoted. Our work and service will exceed your expectations.