What You Can and Can’t Flush Down the Toilet

What You Can and Can’t Flush Down the Toilet     When it comes to worry-free flushing, stick to the 3 P’s: Pee Poop (Toilet) Paper […]

How to Become a Licensed Plumber

3 Steps to Becoming a Licensed Plumber Obtain your high school diploma or GED Get into a plumbing apprenticeship Become a licensed plumber Sounds easy, right? […]

Buyer Beware – Benefits of a Whole House Plumbing Inspection Before You Buy that New Home

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Benefits of High Pressure Drain Cleaning

  High-Pressure Drain Cleaning   The Difference Between Drain Cleaning and Clearing “Clearing” and “cleaning” can be synonyms in some cases, but in the world of […]

Annual Sump Pump Maintenance

  Springtime Sump Pump Maintenance Tips Spring is Here! Meteorological spring starts March 1st each year. This date is used by meteorologists and climatologists to mark […]

Overhead Sewer Conversion – The Ins and Outs

Overhead Sewer Conversion – What You Need to Know An overhead sewer conversion converts your existing gravity sewer to an overhead sewer line. This raises the […]

Frozen Pipe Burst – What Now?

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Company Is Coming…How Is Your Plumbing?

Company Is Coming…How Is Your Plumbing? Thanksgiving entertaining is stressful. Add a plumbing problem and you’ve really got a recipe for disaster! Use the tips below […]

Celebrating 25 Years!

Founded in 1996, by Joe and Mary Capps, Capps Plumbing & Sewer is an independent, family-owned business. The business started with 2 trucks and a dining […]

Signs and How to Deal with a Gas Leak

Gas Leaks – Signs and What To Do   October 2021 According to the American Gas Association, over 73 million residential, commercial, and industrial premises in […]