Burst pipe

Pipe Repair and Replacement

Damaged pipes can lead to serious damage and costly repairs. We offer comprehensive pipe repair and replacement services. Whether you need pipes repairs, replaced, installed, or want to schedule a maintenance appointment, contact our team of expert technicians.

Common Causes of Broken Pipes:

Frozen Pipes

As water is exposed to below freezing temperatures, it turns into ice. The pressure of the expanding ice causes pipes to break. We recommend annual maintenance before winter to ensure your pipes are ready for extreme cold. If your pipes do freeze and burst, we’re here to help.

Tree Roots

Older neighborhoods in our area typically have mature trees that are near water lines. Roots that grow into water lines cause blockages that can lead to serious problems. No matter how strong the pipe, if a tree root grows around it, it will burst. Annual maintenance such as power rodding or hydro jetting is important to keep pipes clear.

Clogged Drains

Clogged drains and sewer lines can lead to water pressure accumulating in your pipes, causing ruptures or leaks. Again, annual maintenance such as power rodding or hydro jetting will help keep your pipes clear.

Old Pipes

As time goes on, a pipe may burst just because it is too old and worn-out. Over the past 50 years, copper has been the most common pipes used in residential and commercial buildings. Copper is rust-resistant and very durable. However, that doesn’t mean it’s completely immune to problems. Formaldehyde and chlorine particles create a buildup that causes corrosion, which eats away at your pipes. This eventually creates leaks that then need repairing. But if repairs aren’t enough, then repiping is your best option.

Capps Pipe Repair Services

  • Black & Underground Gas Piping
  • Cast Iron Piping
  • Copper Piping
  • Drain-Waste-Vent (DWV)
  • Galvanized Piping
  • PVC (Plastic) Piping

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