Comprehensive Pump Services Pumps such as sump pumps, ejector pumps, and battery backup pumps are the workhorse of any plumbing system. They ensure good water flow, and circulation and prevent flooding. Our trained and certified plumbing technicians will ensure your pumps are installed properly and functioning exactly as designed.


    Capps Plumbing & Sewer Sump Pumps

    Our very own cast-iron sump pump is designed with commercial-grade materials to be an everyday pump for the home. It is built for consistent performance using a coll running, energy-efficient permanent split capacitor (PSC) motor, with upper and lower sealed ball bearings giving it extreme efficiency, high capacity, and quiet operation. It pushes 3,200 gallons per hour at 10 feet while only pulling 5 Amps, saving on the electric bill.

    Battery Backup System

    Since sump pumps run on electricity, a loss of power to your home could lead to flooding. A battery backup powers your pump should your power go out. The batteries run your pumps until power is restored. Having a properly operating backup system could prevent flooding.

    Backup Sump Pumps

    When you have only one pump and it fails, you need a second pump to take over until the first one can be repaired or replaced. Another reason for a backup pump is when one pump cannot keep up if the water is entering the pit too fast. The backup pump would kick on to satisfy the demand to pump water.

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    Capps Pump Services

    • Battery Backup Systems
    • Commercial Duplex Systems
    • Ejector Pumps
    • Grinder Pumps
    • Lift Station Pumps
    • Preventative Maintenance
    • Radon System Pumps
    • Sumps Pumps (including installation of our very own CAPPS sump pumps)